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[submitted] comb

The archive of source code for comb, the AT&T Bell labs singledish radio astronomy spectral line data reduction and analysis package. Comb was actively developed and maintained from the mid 1980s to ~2004 by Robert W. Wilson, Marc W. Pound, Antony A. Stark, and others. At its peak, comb was installed on several architectures at dozens of institutions worldwide in support of data reduction from many singledish telescopes including Bell Labs 7-m, NRAO 12-m, DSN network, FCRAO 14-m, Arecibo, AST/RO, SEST, BIMA, STO. It's most recent incarnation was for use with the Stratospheric Terahertz Observatory in 2011-12. A cookbook was written in 1990, available in the doc subdirectory of the git repo.